Developing 360° Software Engineers


Take Your Programming to Another Level

Why limit yourself to just programming, when you can do so much more?

This course is a series that contains 4 smaller workshops. Scroll down and see the links below if you want to join our workshops separately.

Why Should You Join This Course?

The software development industry is greatly different from what it was 10 years ago. Education institutions are producing programmers by the truckload every single year, which means you will face plenty of competition when it comes to landing your dream job or getting that long-awaited promotion. Ask yourself this, "How can I increase my self-worth as a software developer?"

In order to stand-out from the rest, you have to equip yourself with more knowledge and skills that other developers do not have.

  • Having the ability to solve a problem faster and more
  • Relate to a business need, and design a software platform from ground-up that meets requirements.
  • Being well-aware of your role in a project team, and how you can help your team deliver a successful project.
  • Knowing what are the best practices in coding so that you can deliver a high-quality software.

It's More Than Programming!

You’re probably thinking you’re just a programmer, but in this 4-week workshop, you’ll be molded into an all-rounded developer. And when you’re versatile and knowledgeable in the industry, this makes you much more valuable, increasing your chances of receiving a promotion or a job offer!

So, How Will Everything Go Down?

To provide you a hands-on experience and better insight towards the topic, our class structure will consist of classroom sessions and hands-on workshops. We also have guest speakers with real industry experience that will come and share their knowledge with you.

Shut those thick textbooks because none are needed! Throughout the workshops, the situations provided by the instructor will be solely based off real-world experiences. These real life business use-cases will be utilized so you can experience situations that have happened and are likely to happen in a normal workplace setting.

This way, it will differentiate yourself from the other programmers out there ― allowing you to be fully prepared for potential situations that you might face in your job!

process of a tech project

Our workshop is aimed to cover all areas of a general lifecycle in a typical tech project. Here are the specific topics that the workshop will focus on each week:

Week 1 Problem Solving & Design Thinking [4th August]

This class enhances your understanding of the methodical steps on how to formulate solutions

  • Problem solving methodology

  • The power of "why?"

  • Design thinking

  • Programming problem solving technique

Week 2 Software Architecture: How to Build a Scalable IT Solution [11th August]

It helps you to formulate solutions from a technical & infrastructure perspective

  • Understanding the big picture

  • Choosing the right technologies

  • Choosing the right architecture

  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Week 3 Agile IT Project Management [18th August]

Assist in understanding the impact of IT project on a business & how to take part in an IT project effectively.

  • Role of technology in businesses

  • Agile Project Management

  • Project Management best practices

  • Introduction to DevOps

  • Guest Speaker: Common pitfalls in IT projects and how to avoid them

Week 4 Software Development Best Practices [25th August]

Increasing your ability to deliver high-quality products in order to meet requirements

  • Common design patterns

  • Coding best practices

  • Test driven development (TDD)

Burning Questions:

Have you ever identified an issue and corrected the code, but it still ended up faulty?

We understand if the frustration when you get stuck on a bug or stuck trying to find a solution to a problem for a long time. Well, here in this workshop, we will help you further expand your design thinking & problem solving skills in order to systematically formulate solutions for the problems at hand. This means that when you face a problem, you’ll be able to pinpoint all the existing issues and solve them accordingly.

How will I know how to apply the skills in real life?

All our course materials are prepared by seasoned IT professionals that have at least 8 years of experience. You will learn from people who have failed before so you don't have to. The courses also contain hands-on workshop which will put you in a real business scenario to give you a feel of solving a real-world problem.

What if I can't join all 4 days of classes?

You can join each classes separately based on your interest and availability.

[4th August] Course 1: Problem Solving & Design Thinking

[11th August] Course 2: Software Architecture: How to Build a Scalable IT Solution

[18th August] Course 3: Agile IT Project Management

[25th August] Course 4: Software Development Best Practices

What Are You Waiting For?

You have the chance to equip yourself with the relevant business and soft skills to increase your worth as a developer. Remember that learning is a process and not a goal.

We’re limiting each class to 15 students, and by doing so, we are enabling the instructors to be more focused on each student.

Being “just a programmer” nowadays is not enough. So, why don’t you take this opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind programming workshop that will not only deal with coding but also, formulating solutions for problems and applying them in business use-cases.

All you have to do is sign up, bring your own laptop and we’ll see you there!

Pssst: If you refer a friend, you will receive a 10% rebate on the course. So, make sure you bring your friends along!*

Have any questions? Message us at https://www.facebook.com/openacademymalaysia

*Terms and conditions apply: You will receive this rebate at the end of the course. There is no limit to how many people you can refer to this course. The person that you refer has to sign up and put your name as a referral in order for you to qualify for the rebate.

Aug 4 - Aug 25, 2018
[ Sat ] - [ Sat ]
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM MYT
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